Power Apps development

Power Apps development

We have long-term experience and technical knowledge required to develop a custom solution for your company in the shortest possible time. We coordinate the project from the conceptualization of the idea, clarification of technical requirements, design, to programming, testing, expansion of functionality and technical support after launching the application for use.

We develop customized web and mobile applications adapted to the client’s processes, which allow to digitize paper company processes, transfer them from Excel tables to a centralized platform and thus save time for the administration of orders and other data. If you have a similar situation in your company, or you simply see that existing processes are inefficient, there is a good chance that Power Apps, together with other Microsoft Power Platform tools, can help you.


For companies that already use Microsoft 365, Power Apps is a natural extension of their existing IT infrastructure. This allows you to connect to all systems (email, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, Planner and other services) with the same username and password. In addition, since the Power Platform is intended for use within the organization, both the data and the application code remain with the customer, which ensures the continuity of the solution and allows maintaining flexibility in choosing a service provider.

Power Apps technology is based on the principle of “low-code / no code” programming, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and easily develop customized solutions for the company at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional programming methods. In addition, the company’s skilled employees can make changes to the program themselves and create simple process automation tools

Nowadays, we cannot imagine life without a mobile device. One of the main advantages of Power Apps is that this technology allows you to develop both web and mobile applications that are supported by Android and iOS operating systems. Also, since Power Apps is browser-based on a computer, end users don’t need to install any additional software on their computer, it is sufficient for the system Admin to grant access rights and share a link to the application. In addition, the Power Platform has many built-in data connectors (Dropbox, SQL Server, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Dynamics 365, etc.) that allow easy data exchange and cross-application integrations.

Use cases

We work with a wide range of clients: companies from the financial sector, manufacturing, vocational training, public sector, construction, logistics and other areas. Therefore, we have accumulated valuable experience in the implementation of different types of solutions, which we always try to adapt to the individual needs of the client.

You can find more examples here.

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