Training process optimization

Task and problem

Up till now, the client kept the training registry in an Excel table with more than 5000 rows. Recurring training were entered by copying data from previous records. Since the database was not created, errors were encountered when copying data, a lot of data were entered in a non-systematic way, which made it difficult to search and filter information. At the end of the training, various training documents (invitation to training, training log, protocol, certificate, order, etc.) were created by hand. Also, the client did not have the ability to perform data analysis, see workload overview, identify key customers and training programs.

The client encountered the following problems:
– inconvenient Excel file;
– manual work, repetitive copy-paste actions;
– lack of data analysis.

Cloud computing solution

We have implemented Office 365 cloud computing solutions fot this company. Data collection and storage was transferred to Office 365 SharePoint. Key customer data (clients, trained individuals, teaching programs, training logs, certificates) are now stored in Microsoft cloud, which ensures a high level of data protection. In addition, the data has become available to the client from anywhere, at any time, and the client can connect to the data in the cloud from any device.

Mobile application for training management

With the help of Microsoft Power Apps and MS Flow technologies,  a training management application was developed for the client. The application is universal and can be launched on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. By using the application, the client became mobile and got the opportunity to plan and create training from any place, to search see an overview of past training. Also, to carry out the training, he no longer needs a computer, a tablet or mobile phone is sufficient. The application is directly connected to Office 365 SharePoint database all necessary information regarding clients, students, or training courses, which is required to register a new training session. This allowed to optimize the process of new training session registration as the number of steps needed was significantly reduced.

Automation of document generation process

Using the process automation tool MS Flow, we automated the process of document generation for the client. The client got the opportunity to create and save all training-related documents, such as protocols, certificates, list of students, orders, etc., at the click of a button, while bofere this took a long time for the client and was done manually.

Analysis of collected data

Using the Power BI tool and data in Office 365 cloud, we have implemented business intelligence tools for our client. The customer has an opportunity to analyze all his data, such as: workload overview, training history by for clients, training programs, statuses and date ranges, identify the most demanded programs and perform financial analysis. Also the client can get detailed reports, based on which he can make business decisions, run sales campaigns, plan budgets, costs, and workload for the next half a year.

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