Visitor registration app

Task and problem

The Client has a production workshop, where the company visitors first have to go through some basic safety instruction before they can enter the premises. However, the registration process was done on paper and the Client encountered the following problems:

  • The process was simple, but done in an old-fashioned way, the client wanted to look more professional and digitize this process.
  • Sometimes visitors from competing companies were coming to the premises and the Client wanted to ensure every person’s confidentiality.
  • Paper registers had to be kept for a period of 10 years. This required extra storage and document filing capacity.
  • There was no English translation on the paper forms, which made it inconvenient for visitors from other countries.


Office 365 solutions

The storage of the Client’s occupation safety registration data has been transferred to the Microsoft SharePoint document library. This ensures the highest level of data security and GDPR compliance. There is no longer any need to use separate paper forms, which also makes it easy to retrieve relevant information.

Mobile application for visitor registration

Because the Client has to keep written records as proof that the visitors have read and agreed to abide by the safety rules, a mobile application was created, where a visitor enters his name and signs the form with a digital pen. This allowed to completely digitize the registration process, while at the same time making it easy and convenient for users, which also has an option to choose an interface language..

Document storage

After the registration form is submitted, a PDF document is automatically generated on SharePoint document library with the person’s signature, which serves as proof that the visitors have understood and agreed to follow the occupation safety rules while in the workshop area. This eliminated the need for the Client to keep paper registers and made a lot easier to find relevant documents, while at the same time ensuring the security and confidentiality of all data.

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