Automated tracking of employee documents

Task and problem

The company is engaged in the rental of welders, scaffolders and other specialists to clients in foreign markets. As employees work in the industry, they are subject to stringent occupational safety and qualification requirements, for which the company must provide valid employee certificates. The company employs around 240 people, making it difficult to manually track the validity of each document. The client encountered the following problems:

  • There were cases when an employee was posted on a business trip and had to be sent home before scheduled time due to unexpectedly expired documents. This led to additional travel, transport and accommodation costs.
  • For some certificates, the company must submit a periodic certificate of compliance. When the date of approval is missed, the employees had to be put on downtime because they could not pass through the factory gates without proper documents.
  • Document verification was done manually, it was not possible to centrally search for information and to store the copies of certificates in one location.

Office 365 solutions

The storage of the Client’s employee certificate data has been transferred to Microsoft SharePoint database. This ensures the highest level of data security and GDPR compliance. It is no longer necessary to use separate Excel tables, as all administrative staff has access to the latest information. In addition, the Client can now store copies of certificates in one location, which facilitates document retrieval and review. It is now also possible to track the certificate expenses per employee.

Automated tracking of the validity of certificates

Using Microsoft Flow, we automated the document validation process for the Client. The software automatically sends an email notification to the user when: 1) the document expires within 30 days; and 2) when the document has expired. This made it possible to ensure that the documents of all employees are always up to date and avoid unnecessary costs and customer dissatisfaction.

In addition, we created a user-friendly Power BI report, where the Client can visually sort and filter documents based on expiration period, document type, employee name and position.

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