Empowered Office 365 to manage company Fleet

Task and problem

The client has a fleet of 60 cars and additionally rents an average of 5-6 cars each month. Even though the client had a GPS car tracking software, it lacked some essential functions to keep track of the service history of each car, plan repairs, and effectively distribute the cars to different projects.

The client encountered the following problems:

  • There were occasions when an additional car was rented on Friday, and then an available car came back from another project on Monday that nobody knew about, i.e. there was no centralized car planning.
  • Employees did not fill in car transfer forms;
  • Due to the large number of cars, it was difficult to track the service history and repair expenses of each car, and there was no possibility to conveniently store and search for repair invoices.

Office 365 solutions

The company’s fleet data storage was transferred to Microsoft SharePoint database, where vehicle cards were created, repair works and breakdowns are registered, car documents (car registration, insurance policy) are stored and reminders are automatically sent when these documents expire. This made it possible to keep all Fleet data in one place, and improved cost and document control.

Mobile App for car transfers

To simplify the car transfer process, a mobile app was created for the client, in which the employees choose a car from the list, indicate whether the car is fully equipped (with fuel card, first-aid kit, car documents, etc.) and on the next screen indicate the damages on the car. This made it possible to fully digitize the car transfer process and to avoid the scanning and emailing of paper forms. Now the entire car history is stored in the database, which lets the Fleet Manager to keep track of who is assigned to each car and when the damages occurred. Also, employees can register car breakdowns on their phone, which made it easier to manage the company’s fleet from a distance and allowed to react promptly to malfunctions. 

Car scheduler

To improve the car planning, a car scheduler was created, which allows project managers to log-in to the system and see an overview of available cars. To book a car, they send a reservation request to the Fleet Manager. When the Feet Manager confirms the reservation and assigns a car, project managers receive an email confirmation with car plate numbers and reservation dates. This has made it possible to simplify the car reservation process, reduce the number of phone calls, and most importantly, avoid unnecessary car rental expenses due to the lack of planning.

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