HR Solution using Microsoft Cloud technologies

Task and problem

Many companies still keep their employee data on Excel sheets. However, this has serious drawbacks, such as: low data security, non-compliance to GDPR rules and out-of-date information due to use of multiple Excel files. Other companies choose expensive standardized HR systems, but are often disappointed due to their inflexibility, poor integration possibilities and long implementation period.

To help companies with these challenges, we have developed a fully-functional HR Solution using Microsoft Cloud technologies (i.e. Microsoft Azure SQL database, SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow), that is not only easy-to-use, but also has very wide application and extension possibilities. Moreover:

  • The cost to implement the solution is only a fraction of typical online HR systems;
  • It can be up and running in a matter of a few weeks;
  • We can tailor it to your specific needs and easily include additional features.

Human resources database in a cloud

All your employee data will be stored in Microsoft cloud. This ensures the highest security of your data and compliance to GDPR rules. With the use of cloud technologies your employees will share the same information. Furthermore, data will be periodically backed-up which will prevent the loss of your valuable information. Application interface can be accessed both from your web browser and from windows PowerApps program on your computer, as well as from your mobile devices.

Storing employee information in a database allows you to keep track of employee job history and other relevant information. With the help of Power BI analytics, you will have global overview of your Human Resources, all in one place.

Certification and document tracking

A unique feature of our HR Solution is the certification and document validity tracker. This allows HR Managers to make sure that no employee document is out-of-date, which helps to prevent potentially thousands of Euros of fines due to non-compliance with applicable labor and safety regulations. Moreover, using Microsoft Flow technologies we have automated the document tracking process, which automatically sends the user notifications when the certificate is 1) due to expire in 30 days; and 2) when the expiration date is reached.

Since all information is stored in a database, various reports and analytical tools allow users to track and monitor certification expenditures.

Asset tracking

An additional challenge that companies encountered was keeping track of the company Assets and Inventory items issued to employees. Typically, this was recorded in yet another Excel file. However, when an employee was leaving a company, the information was often missing or incomplete, which made it difficult to make sure that employees return all the company Assets before leaving the company. This information is directly integrated into our HR Solution, which makes it easy to see what was issued, when and how much it costs.

Mobile App

HR and Project Managers often need to access the most important employee information on the spot, and cannot wait to open a computer or ask a colleague for these details. Therefore, we have developed a mobile application that is connected to the same Azure SQL database, which means the managers see up-to-date information on their mobile phone. If needed, they can even send attached documents right from within the app.

Employee evaluation

The digitization of employee evaluation greatly simplified the job of the HR Manager. With the help of Power BI, he can now quickly sort and filter through all the data. It is also possible to see the distribution of different employee evaluations per each question. This allows to get a more objective picture of employee performance during the year. In addition, it is now possible to track the progress of each project manager online, and make sure that everyone sticks to the deadlines. Not only does this save time, resources and makes the employee process a much more fast, fun and simple experience, but also greatly increases the completion rate of the evaluation process. 

Further possibilities

These are only a few examples of what we can do with Microsoft tools. Further extensions, such as yearly employee performance evaluation or automated holiday request procedure, are easy to integrate into our HR Solution. This means that we can develop an HR software that is always in-line with your business and its internal processes.

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