Improved occupational safety with Microsoft technologies

Task and problem

To improve unsafe behavior and observed hazards reporting. 

Company had a near-miss and hazard reporting process but it did not work as expected. Employees did not submit enough reports because it was inconvenient. Also, the Safety Manager needed to spend a lot of time processing these reports.

Our task was to make reporting simple and easy in order to achieve the following:

  • make it convenient for employees to submit reports;
  • upon registration, the report has to be immediately shared with responsible persons in order to fix the issues ASAP;
  • it would be possible to analyze the reported data in order to make preventive actions
  • remove the manual labor in  safety report preparation.

Mobile application for reporting

Using Microsoft PowerApps, we created a mobile application for near-miss and hazard reporting. Now all engineers who own Office 365 license can access this app and easily submit a report. They just need to open the app, choose Near-Miss / Hazard registration and fill the necessary information on a form. They can also attach photos.

When the form is submitted, all the information is immediately saved in the SharePoint cloud database and sent to responsible persons by email with all necessary data and photos attached, so that they would be able to fix it as soon as possible.

Analysis and reporting

With the help of Power BI, we connected the data source in SharePoint online, where all the near-miss and hazard registrations are recorded, and developed detailed reports and charts.

On the “Accident Report” sheet the Safety Manager is able to see all the basic safety information concerning lost time injuries and hazard observations.

The next sheet shows the aggregated analysis of near-miss and hazard data. Here the Safety Manager can see all charts with relevant information. He can filter the data according to priority and risks. He can also investigate which risks factor are the most commong and immediately develop preventive actions. Finally, he is able to compare historical monthly values and see the incident locations on the map.

And there is more. The Safety Manager does not have to spend any time at all collecting data in order to prepare a monthly / yearly safety report to management. Now the report is available with a click of a button for any chosen time period.

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