Automated document generation

Task and problem

Due to changes in the Lithuanian Resident Income Tax legislation, starting from 2019 all employers must re-write their employees’ employment contracts because of wage levels have to be indexed. This is a completely technical work that requires the generation of several hundred identical documents, replacing employee details.
We received a request from a temporary employment agency which employs about 250 employees. The company needed to generate over 700 documents:
– which would have taken the administrator of the company at least a week’s time;
– cost to the company in terms of wage expense about 340 Eur;
– the administrator would not have been able to carry out her direct work for one week;
– since this is monotonous manual work, there is a high probability of making mistakes.
We helped to this company to automate the document creation process. The client simply provided us a sample contract template in Word format and an Excel spreadsheet with the required employee data. Then, using Microsoft’s automation tools, we generated the required documents in about 2 hours and provided them to the client.
The client got fast done task, avoided mistakes and saved costs.

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