Power Apps Help Desk

Power Apps Help Desk

It’s a great tool for centrally managing your company’s tickets and issues.
This application will help you respond more quickly to internal company requests, analyze which requests occur the most in your company, and easily assign the task to the responsible person based on the availability of colleagues.

IT Department:
Software malfunctions
Hardware malfunctions
Software license requests
Access rights management

HR Department:

Changes to the employment contract
• Team management issues
Violations of workers’ rights
Planning business trips

• Requesting official statements
Payroll statements
Changes in salary calculation (pension accumulation, investment life insurance)
• Holiday pay
• Advance payments
Reimbursement of expenses paid from personal funds

• Issuance, exchange and return of PPEs, tools and other equipment.

Main screen


The main window displays a list of registered requests. An ordinary User can see only the requests submitted by him, while the System Administrator can see the requests of all employees.

This list can be filtered by time period, priority, status, category, department, responsible person, and requester.

The list can also be sorted by request creation date, priority, and status in ascending or descending order.

Registering a new ticket


Registering a new request is extremely easy.

The User indicates the request category, priority, department, topic and description. There is also an option to add an attachment (such as a screenshot or a relevant document).

Chat screen


The person who registered the request can see the history of the request.
It is possible to see to whom the request was assigned, its status and the comment of the responsible person. There is also a chat window where you can clarify the problem and see the progress of the request.



The user is automatically informed about the creation and progress of the request by e-mail. This way, the user can follow what is happening with the request he created without logging in to the Help Desk app.

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